Funcraft: 6 | Making a DIAMOND FARM!

22 nov. 2019
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FunCraft requires a lot of diamonds for the intense Minecraft recipes added in the modpack, iskall makes an attempt at together with his subscribers fully automating diamonds to get 1000 of diamonds over time.
If you want to play FunCraft on Iskallia, with our special hosted servers, visit my patreon and pledge on Diamond or above, you will get access within minutes.

  • The twitch subscribers are now basically slaves.

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  • There were 999 comments. Couldn't help myself.

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  • the 1000th comment

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  • 999

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  • did anyone realize iskall is using his subscribers for cheap labor

    WILKINSX5 does redstoneWILKINSX5 does redstoneAcum 4 luni
  • Who else saw a Xbox advert

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  • any way to keep the cauldron always filled 🤔

    The Monk - الراهبThe Monk - الراهبAcum 6 luni
  • I keep telling myself "Iskall is going to upload funcraft soon" even though i know that the much shittier version which is experts has completely replaced funcraft. R.I.P best modpack series iskall has done

    SusubatukkaSusubatukkaAcum 7 luni
  • I want the music

    RawrteonRawrteonAcum 8 luni
  • Iskall at 26:44 -' And with the help of my Twitch subscribers - Me: Ehm no Iskall. you do mean your slaves from Twitch.

    The FanfictioneerThe FanfictioneerAcum 9 luni
  • You should have a graveyard for all your subscribers whose avatars helped you

    mike christianmike christianAcum 9 luni
  • there is an easier way of getting diamonds, you can set up a rock crusher, supply it with regular stone, and send everything to the rock cleaner, that way you get diamonds, certus quartz, etc passively as long as it has stone

    Mini SamuroidMini SamuroidAcum 9 luni
  • 5 days till Christmas Tomorrow 4 days till Christmas Next day 3 days till xmas Next day 2 days till Christmas Next day 1 day till Christmas Next day Its Christmas What does anyone want for Christmas

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  • Hi

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  • Digital miner reminds me of elephant

    Nathan DreaverNathan DreaverAcum 10 luni
  • Iskall is for slave labour confirmed 2019

    Cooper DunkerleyCooper DunkerleyAcum 10 luni
  • make a "sound muffer" to put in the diamond machine pls

    Guilherme BorgesGuilherme BorgesAcum 10 luni
  • iSkall : let’s just make sure they die yes it worked

    Ovalya UrmomOvalya UrmomAcum 10 luni
  • iskall, i know you're having fun with this new series but there's an emergency they're building with diorite on hc, stop this blasphemy

    John Liam McFaddenJohn Liam McFaddenAcum 10 luni
  • Cub fan trapped shara bace entrance

    Tank Baby11Tank Baby11Acum 10 luni
  • Grain's redstone doors Mumbo redstone storage system Inpuls hippie clock Sahara restone FUN CRAFT

    electro gamerxxx3electro gamerxxx3Acum 10 luni
  • do you have projectE in your funcraft?

    Koen KeithKoen KeithAcum 10 luni
  • How’s it going?!! Just subbed to your channel. Have you looked into using ZMSocial[dot]com to promote your channel!?

    Winifred ConleyWinifred ConleyAcum 10 luni
  • your hydrogen burner needs a hydrogen-producing farm. Build one.

    John KingJohn KingAcum 11 luni
  • solar cell is better for power :D

    WassupV2 NeverasWassupV2 NeverasAcum 11 luni
  • When he said GUI I though he said “Gooey”

    Olivia BelloOlivia BelloAcum 11 luni
  • You should build a graveyard for your subs!

    I have smol pp butI have smol pp butAcum 11 luni
  • Subscriber enslavement?

    Quinn JohnsonQuinn JohnsonAcum 11 luni
  • U should build a miniature grave yard for all he gravestones of the workers

    NahNahAcum 11 luni
  • From where can you download funcraft

    Emil OrkolaEmil OrkolaAcum 11 luni
  • Iskall. This might be a ludicrous idea but it will work. Create a crafter and fill a storage chest or so of subscribers. Make the crafter auto create the diamond miners and then simply redirect the rock grinders into the crafter. It will create an infinite loop as long as there as subscribers to use. This could run for several hours if a large storage thing is done. If you want to be crazy you can most likely also make a dispenser or something inputting into a cauldron of water auto cleaning the gems!

    Ninja 5511Ninja 5511Acum 11 luni
  • This series hurts my head

    russian doggorussian doggoAcum 11 luni
  • Thought this was hermit craft for a second and I was really confused

    Naomi MeiselsNaomi MeiselsAcum 11 luni
  • R.I.P the pig at 0:55

    Owen and KyleOwen and KyleAcum 11 luni
  • [D I R T Y D I A M O N D S A C Q I R E D D I R T C H E A P ]

    Hannon HawkesHannon HawkesAcum 11 luni
  • I didn’t see the “funcraft” and i thought it was hermit craft

    Tatertot_709Tatertot_709Acum 11 luni
  • 26:37 Iskall: We have a diamond making machine! Making diamonds from cobble stone essentially Me: and also your subscribers lives

    PhoenX DevPhoenX DevAcum 11 luni
  • Iskall: I made a machine that makes diamonds! Grian: *WhAt Is ThIs WiTcH cRaFt?!?!?!?!?*

    Slay A ForeverSlay A ForeverAcum 11 luni
  • Headphones... My friend once changed my skin to a skin with headphones... It was just because he used my account and I had an unfinished skin on. I hate him so much for that...

    Ghannon Gray-EdelGhannon Gray-EdelAcum 11 luni
  • yay i was the 300,000 view!!!!!

    bigzarybigzaryAcum 11 luni
  • What about a memorial

    Nate TebbenNate TebbenAcum 11 luni
  • iskall the one who keeps his workers/slave heads after working them to death

    anthony viceanthony viceAcum 11 luni
  • 0:50 Iskall has a new friend guys better not tell the dragon bro’s

    OceanSkysOceanSkysAcum 11 luni
  • when iskall says applied and legistics what i hear: hsudhhejdgcyhejwuxyiwopwoxbd

    ReubenDoesMCReubenDoesMCAcum 11 luni
  • You should make better armor before u die I can't wait for more fun craft

  • Anyone a little help? When i download the modpack it doesnt download things like enderium or the crafting. Any fix for that?

    Sebík :3 Sebík :3Sebík :3 Sebík :3Acum 11 luni
  • ITS BEEN SO long:(

    Frozen FireFrozen FireAcum 11 luni
  • Anyone notice at 13:24 iskall took his fan's head and put it on.

    sub2DolphinDom !sub2DolphinDom !Acum 11 luni
  • You can make a wireless ME terminal, which is really useful

    T3K ScarecrowT3K ScarecrowAcum 11 luni
  • What is this witchcraft?!??

    lucky charmslucky charmsAcum 11 luni
  • So, that's mean that Funcraft is a server who change their subs to a slaves

    Eldan AvivEldan AvivAcum 11 luni
  • Can we get the mod pack?

    Thunderboy 1025Thunderboy 1025Acum 11 luni
  • In today's video iskall shall roast your Minecraft skin

    CastsShadowsCastsShadowsAcum 11 luni
  • Iskall what is the link for the pack download?

    Matthew MetcalfeMatthew MetcalfeAcum 11 luni
  • Somebody: spends money on a subscription Iskall: *S L A V E R Y*

    Tax Fraud Inc.Tax Fraud Inc.Acum 11 luni
  • 25:05 no one: Iskall:*dexter*

    canadian swiss cheesecanadian swiss cheeseAcum 11 luni

    DamariobrosDamariobrosAcum 11 luni

      DamariobrosDamariobrosAcum 11 luni
  • Hydrogen burner jeez what a weirdo just burn fossil fuels like the rest of us

    MatrixMatrixAcum 11 luni
  • where can i download this mod

    PityPityAcum 11 luni
  • are you going to release this on curse forge or do i have to play on your server?

    Albtraum MannAlbtraum MannAcum 11 luni
  • I like this modpack its so great to play :)

    jernej lipusjernej lipusAcum 11 luni
  • Use ender pearl energy generator

    Nancy VinkenNancy VinkenAcum 11 luni
  • Is it possile to download this modpack somewhere? I would really love to play it but i have no clue where and if i can get my hands on that file :(

    Igor ChmurskiIgor ChmurskiAcum 11 luni
  • how did he get a chinese dragon bike

    Jovial HowJovial HowAcum 11 luni
  • The high tech door was also used by AviatorGaming in his Glenwood Prep Minecraft series

    ShovelMarshyShovelMarshyAcum 11 luni
  • Why don't you make a TON of your gas generator thing and automate it using modded but its alternated so like 1 3 5 are currently on and 2 4 6 are off and if the system detects that the 1 3 5 generators are low then they will switch with the 1 3 5 generators so you keep AND restore alot of power(they should have restored alot of power)while the off one restore hydrogen then it switch(hope you understand)

    HelloImKinoHelloImKinoAcum 11 luni
  • what if he runs out of twitch subs

    veristian arvicoveristian arvicoAcum 11 luni
  • just use a long repetaer with an or gate detecting the blocks getting broken so when they stop something spawns in new subcribers

    veristian arvicoveristian arvicoAcum 11 luni
  • How is COPPA affecting you ROworld likes to hurt it's creators

    a filthy lizard persona filthy lizard personAcum 11 luni
  • I am king kahoot

    xander_gamingXxander_gamingXAcum 11 luni
  • keep up the good vids... and if ya looking for more spawners in the nether there are those obsidian spires/spike the ones with a lamp on them have spawners and a loot chest under the lamps

    sasquatch1985sasquatch1985Acum 11 luni
  • HERMITCRAFT.......please?

    Virgile PatricotVirgile PatricotAcum 11 luni
  • im gonna pretend like this didnt sound more complicated than mumbo talkin bout redstone

    Wendyl RogersWendyl RogersAcum 11 luni
  • Iskall; I need diamonds His brain: let’s make my subscribers slaves

    Droopa DoopDroopa DoopAcum 11 luni
  • LabOratory

    Otto LannertOtto LannertAcum 11 luni
  • What is your twitch stream called

    Noah BBNoah BBAcum 11 luni
  • last weak iskall its soon Dreamhack winter 2019 sista veckan iskall för det är snart Dreamhack vinter 2019 and im wondering if you are gonna go or not and if you live in swedan or elsr where

    soilder 47soilder 47Acum 11 luni
  • Fan: *pays $5 to subscribe to Iskall on Twitch* Iskall: I will make them die mining diamonds for me

    AssassinAssassinAcum 11 luni
  • Was he wearing a fortnite skin

    LaquestLaquestAcum 11 luni
  • Iskall please put a new deals in sahara now

    ibrahem mohamedibrahem mohamedAcum 11 luni
  • The mining machine sounds like a stapler

    Nicholas MayoNicholas MayoAcum 11 luni
  • And that's how half-funcraftlife begins

    YoyeneYoyeneAcum 11 luni
  • I clicked because i thought it was in vanilla.

    Maddox MakesVideosMaddox MakesVideosAcum 11 luni
  • so basically iskall is enslaving and working his subscribers to death so that he can become rich.

    kep aranikep araniAcum 11 luni
  • Doe you know BdoubleO100 have build a Diorite Castle #Iskall85 and #Grian sed in hies new video you are going to lose your mind

    BOB_Majid08 R3AL L22BOB_Majid08 R3AL L22Acum 11 luni
  • And the does not break

    Zap God999Zap God999Acum 11 luni
  • Hey iskall85 how would you bake a AutoCraft or the auto crafts the twitch streamers with the item cuz there should be an Auto anvil it's an open blocks if you have it

    Zap God999Zap God999Acum 11 luni
  • Step 1: actually play hermitcraft Step 2: Restock Sahara Now Step 3: Restock Run Step 4: Get a dragon head on Mumbo Step 5: Lecture Mumbo on showing up to meetings and stocking observers My work here is done 🙂

    LucasLucasAcum 11 luni
  • #iskall85 #PleaseTellMeHowToDownloadFuncraftMod

    Suyog ShindeSuyog ShindeAcum 11 luni
  • Please tell me @iskall85 if i can anyhow get this mod on my mc Please please i am Your biggest fan every

    Suyog ShindeSuyog ShindeAcum 11 luni
  • Tell mumbo about this mod I want to see what kind of redstone he would do.. ir not redstone.. *fun*

    DuhConfusionLordDuhConfusionLordAcum 11 luni
  • well aren't i special i found a heart of diamond in a cave near the end of lava but i only saw that it could make a boomerang and the name made me think it could mine blocks is the special recipes only on your server can you elaborate plz

    The Flaming PhoenixThe Flaming PhoenixAcum 11 luni
  • It looks like a ravager

    John ColettiJohn ColettiAcum 11 luni
  • Add theifes to the game that can takes things that’s not secured and just are in the wild. That would be awesome

    Azoid ZapAzoid ZapAcum 11 luni