Funcraft: 7 | CONCRETE FOR DAYS!

27 nov. 2019
231 515 Vizionare

Iskall renovates his basement and adds a new bright feel to it using a lot of concrete! In order to supply the concrete though iskall makes a concrete farm, generating white concrete and gray concrete
If you want to play FunCraft on Iskallia, with our special hosted servers, visit my patreon and pledge on Diamond or above, you will get access within minutes.

  • You play so much minecraft in order to not have to play minecraft

    Ook Jannes PlantingOok Jannes PlantingAcum lună
  • Iskall, use Deathblooms from BoP for black dye! They're not easy to find but can be grown in a Phytogenic Insolator from Thermal.

    Bala314Bala314Acum 4 luni
  • How about the at !!!(the garage)

    The PinkyThe PinkyAcum 5 luni
  • I wish I had modded Minecraft

    Sadie SchulmanSadie SchulmanAcum 8 luni
  • I think the coal strips you had at first were the best looking.

    Brianna Trulove-DubrallBrianna Trulove-DubrallAcum 9 luni
  • "Dexter's Laboratory"

    Theta MaximumTheta MaximumAcum 9 luni
  • #IskallsLabortory In Iskall's laboratory lives the smartest man who ever lived. And grain blows his experiments to smithereens. There is gloom' & doom when things go boom in Iskall's Lab!

    Dray-anthro-Wamon GamerFurryGirl69Dray-anthro-Wamon GamerFurryGirl69Acum 10 luni
    • I tweeted it to you I hope you like it

      Dray-anthro-Wamon GamerFurryGirl69Dray-anthro-Wamon GamerFurryGirl69Acum 10 luni
  • Hello, welcome to my laboratory - CrazyRussianIskall

    Giedrius PaulauskasGiedrius PaulauskasAcum 10 luni
  • The lab main part looks kinda like a Tardis console

    Sven313DSven313DAcum 10 luni
  • Of course my name has to be Mark

    Codswollop YeCodswollop YeAcum 10 luni
  • I kept having to pause the video to hear if the sound was coming from my computer 🤣

    Magickal MicahMagickal MicahAcum 10 luni
  • more hermitcraft and less funcraft plzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rishabh GhelaniRishabh GhelaniAcum 10 luni
  • Anyone else get a hint of doctor who vibes with the main lab and control area?

    Casey MaeCasey MaeAcum 10 luni
  • Grain is dead

    Jieping DengJieping DengAcum 10 luni
  • it looks like a TARDIS

    Blocky RoundBlocky RoundAcum 10 luni
  • It looks like a TARDIS interior ( 17:58 )

    Joe GutierrezJoe GutierrezAcum 10 luni
  • The middle room looks like the tardis

    TheTripwireTheTripwireAcum 10 luni
  • Factorio + minecraft = funcraft

    Studio DoulosStudio DoulosAcum 10 luni
  • 32,768 is how much ash can be hold

    Avai GamingAvai GamingAcum 11 luni
  • Quick question, why does the mod pack you are using have more mods then the public one, are you ever planning to make the public one the same? for example in my pack i dont have the combination crafter and the rock cleaner is much cheaper...

    The Damp GamerThe Damp GamerAcum 11 luni
  • Hi iskull I am so enjoying your fun craft Minecraft.

    KhillikiaLea WKhillikiaLea WAcum 11 luni
  • No one: Not anyone: Not even a single soul: Iskall: Forgeting "SaaaAaAand"

  • 🎵In Iskall's lab-ra-toryyy Lives the smartest Swede you've ever seeeen! But Grian blows his experimennnts TO SMIIITHERIIINES! And it is doooom and gloooom as things go boooooom IN ISKALL'S LAAAAAAAB!🎵

    Aeryn BoyerAeryn BoyerAcum 11 luni
  • How can I play this mod? It's so much fun to watch. I am super excited to play

    Cory BrittCory BrittAcum 11 luni
  • Does anyone else appreciate that iskall accidentally make his room look alot like the inside of the TARDIS?

    ChrisChrisAcum 11 luni
  • did anyone see that the bucket of liquid glowstone was upside down? also it defied the laws of gravity!

    Danielle LafondDanielle LafondAcum 11 luni
  • What’s the IP

    Brd3106 IdellBrd3106 IdellAcum 11 luni
  • Yea a “little faster” he says totally not putting in half a stack per second at all

    DJGamer 366DJGamer 366Acum 11 luni
  • Funcraft is a french server '^'

    BybelBybelAcum 11 luni
  • The "humming" of the power generator sounds more like crickets that have had too much espresso

    Sean QuigleySean QuigleyAcum 11 luni
  • Make a auto crafter that decrafts bone blocks into bone

    Amazing gamer 5000000Amazing gamer 5000000Acum 11 luni
  • Who else hears that high pitched sound at 8:03

    Olivia BelloOlivia BelloAcum 11 luni
    • I also hear that sound. start to hear it at 6:00

      Teslacoiler100Teslacoiler100Acum 11 luni
  • Is it just me or does the design look like the tardis?

    P&A PlaysP&A PlaysAcum 11 luni
  • grian this is our dragon base iskall of doom

    PNTM_PIGPNTM_PIGAcum 11 luni
  • There is one thing that would make the main room of the lab better is if the energized glowstone could in some way be made green #iskallium

    Mr PandaFishMr PandaFishAcum 11 luni
  • You should make a giant windmill farm somewhere so you don’t have to worry about power anymore

    ScriptKidScriptKidAcum 11 luni
  • Congrats whit 600 k subs

    Mantas DavidavičiusMantas DavidavičiusAcum 11 luni
  • Is it weird that every time Iskall says "sand" my brain translates it to "SAAAAAnd" in Grian's witch voice?

    LeonaraynLeonaraynAcum 11 luni
  • We have the same b-day dec 13

    Djv98 VanhornDjv98 VanhornAcum 11 luni
  • You should make a hallway of heads

    Quinn JohnsonQuinn JohnsonAcum 11 luni
  • Con cret y

    noninvasive intrudernoninvasive intruderAcum 11 luni

    Larrytheblobfish .pLarrytheblobfish .pAcum 11 luni
  • Why does it look like a TARDIS

    Andrew PickupAndrew PickupAcum 11 luni
  • Sence i was slow last time.... Day 2 of asking Iskall for diamond loop. Iskall. This might be a ludicrous idea but it will work. Create a crafter and fill a storage chest or so of subscribers. Make the crafter auto create the diamond miners and then simply redirect the rock grinders into the crafter. It will create an infinite loop as long as there as subscribers to use. This could run for several hours if a large storage thing is done.

    Ninja 5511Ninja 5511Acum 11 luni
  • where can I find that modpack?

    JonnyBoy Gr 2JonnyBoy Gr 2Acum 11 luni
  • Luv your vids can’t sub because I already am

    Jacob LaneJacob LaneAcum 11 luni
  • Can't you make a muffler upgrade for your power generator

    Kanchan MantriKanchan MantriAcum 11 luni
  • You should decorate your elevator!

    Evil SoybeanEvil SoybeanAcum 11 luni

    LouisLouisAcum 11 luni
  • Who thinks the first version of the glow stone thing was the best

    CoyoteXcrisCoyoteXcrisAcum 11 luni
  • You should do the hall ways so they look like a cave going to the next part of the bace

    The cactus BoysThe cactus BoysAcum 11 luni
  • For the tube of energized glow stone, I think you should keep the glass, but add the coal strips back

    Trenton BusbyTrenton BusbyAcum 11 luni
  • Turn off the sound for the generator

    Lockie DragneelLockie DragneelAcum 11 luni
  • That energized glow stone brings back some good etho FTB vibes

    That1WolfThat1WolfAcum 11 luni
  • Can you give us a modpack that goes along with Funcraft?

    Noah’s awesome YouTube channelNoah’s awesome YouTube channelAcum 11 luni
  • if you have clear glass i think that would work better with the glow stone

    MagewingsMagewingsAcum 11 luni
  • Servo is rasist. White go through but black dont.

    werty108werty108Acum 11 luni
  • anyone else feel that design looks like the tardis from doctor who

    The Artist 2002The Artist 2002Acum 11 luni
  • Hey Iskall where can I get this mod pack.

    Silver PhoenixSilver PhoenixAcum 11 luni
  • IDEA har kjøpt alt Sahara har, så dere har ingen ting å selge nå... (Det går greit for deg å lese norsk, ikke sant?)

    Amund C. MedhusAmund C. MedhusAcum 11 luni
  • Ask g to help

    Samrat ChoudhrySamrat ChoudhryAcum 11 luni
  • Sahara is completely out of stock, Keralis accidentally threw his trident into the order system, and Sahara Now is only selling golden carrots.

    blockheadalex MCblockheadalex MCAcum 11 luni
  • USE YOUR CAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Teagan WhittakerTeagan WhittakerAcum 11 luni
  • #sub to iskall

    Yani SaputraYani SaputraAcum 11 luni
  • This is the most confusing Minecraft mod I've ever watched

    ruairidh williamsruairidh williamsAcum 11 luni
  • Pls fix it

    RYZENRYZENAcum 11 luni
  • Sahara is broken

    RYZENRYZENAcum 11 luni
  • Me: lets do the mining ourself Iskall: lets automate this Me:lets make a mob grinder and use it self Iskall: lets automate this Next thing we know Me: lets not make nuclear bombs Iskall: lets automate making nuclear bombs

    Jason van LunterenJason van LunterenAcum 11 luni
  • Just letting you know, Sahara is out of stock, Sahara Now as well, and Keralis threw his trident into the sahara order system xD

    Kozell VojtechKozell VojtechAcum 11 luni
  • Iskall. Keralis... keralis threw his trident in the Sahara system... At the same time you should restock while finding Keralis's Trident

    Roshidah TCRoshidah TCAcum 11 luni
  • Does anyone know how to watch grian's episodes of funcraft?

    Creepy Clown AlifCreepy Clown AlifAcum 11 luni
  • Iskall sahara is broken again

    ReEsE RANDOMReEsE RANDOMAcum 11 luni
  • Iskall Sahara is out of stock as idea bought it all. You need to restock NOW!!!

    keston ruxtonkeston ruxtonAcum 11 luni
  • Hallå?

    Swedish doodSwedish doodAcum 11 luni
  • 9:27 I can't be the only one who sees the item ducts on the right as the Sahara logo

    Thanos GuyThanos GuyAcum 11 luni
  • You could have a screen that toggles certain things off and on in the base. Maybe even send the elevator back up and lock it into position so its more like a safe room. You could even add defenses upstairs to deter intruders.

    TotallyNotPhilTotallyNotPhilAcum 11 luni
  • you should make it so the lights turn on automatically as the elevator arrives on that floor. It'll look cool plus the glowstone in the middle will create a nice laboratory-like effect when it is dark

    Kevin L'HerrouKevin L'HerrouAcum 11 luni
  • "always keep stock". Arcitechs: WRITE THAT DOWN!

    Darthest VaderDarthest VaderAcum 11 luni
  • Restock Sahara now because all there is are golden carrots

    Aidan LAidan LAcum 11 luni
  • you need to fix Sahara, Keralis threw his trident into the system, then bdouble00 got caught by Grian, trying to get Keralis's trident back also you need to stock Sahara. Keralis, Bdouble00, and xsumivoid bought out all the stock to sell at Idea

    life of avatarlife of avatarAcum 11 luni
  • what has happened to grian what is he plotting

  • I can’t launch fc it keeps giving me an error someone help

    Snow //daily videosSnow //daily videosAcum 11 luni
  • I’m gonna be honest I hate funcraft

    PlayzgamingPlayzgamingAcum 11 luni
  • Iskal, Idea raided Sahara. Restock now. Sahara classic and Sahara Don't believe ? Then visit Sahara. Now!!!

    CLASH GAMER sazidCLASH GAMER sazidAcum 11 luni
  • Watch out for your version of deedee, GRIAN. LOL

    GamersRequiemGamersRequiemAcum 11 luni
  • Keralis bought out Sahara and dropped a trident in the system

    gechoman44 & i want a hippogechoman44 & i want a hippoAcum 11 luni
  • Isky isky dexter ur actually on bommerang

    lokuthewiselokuthewiseAcum 11 luni
  • Keralis, Bdubs, and X-void broke Sahara

    Marc HMarc HAcum 11 luni
  • the main room looks like the tardis

    builder 969 channelbuilder 969 channelAcum 11 luni
  • Go to Sahara Idea bought everything They may break the system

    Savan PanchalSavan PanchalAcum 11 luni
  • hey, Iskall just a notification. but umm, Sahara . is totally out of stock including Sahara now wich you guys are only selling goldern carrots for different prices. and well... Keralis accidentally through his trident into Sahara and it broke again so you might want to fix it and restock Sahara soon. I know this isn't a Hermitcraft show but this was your most recent video and it's best you know as soon as possible

    Nick D'EliaNick D'EliaAcum 11 luni
  • That’s 32,768 ashes that the drawer can hold

    Phantom GrianPhantom GrianAcum 11 luni
  • You costumers are complain about sahara now

    Mark Joseph AltoverosMark Joseph AltoverosAcum 11 luni
  • Iskal pls stock sahara now#!!!

    Mark Joseph AltoverosMark Joseph AltoverosAcum 11 luni
  • Sahara is completely out of stock

    het gouden katjehet gouden katjeAcum 11 luni
  • Iskall: And you need to give this pipe an interface Me: Why do you need to give the pipe a face lift?

    Ian RichardsonIan RichardsonAcum 11 luni
  • Iskall! Keralis threw his trident into Sahara by accident. You need to add a system to spit out any item that breaks the system.

    I BennyBoii II BennyBoii IAcum 11 luni
  • Iskall you are soon going to hit 100 mil views .

    Luka BajaLuka BajaAcum 11 luni
  • Keralis broke Sahara with his trident, Idea bought out all of your stock, and lots of hermits are sad that Sahara now has not been stocked yet.

    Jackson RubliJackson RubliAcum 11 luni
  • I don't know if someone has said this, but keralis threw his trident into the Sahara redstone on hermitcraft

    Heliolisk MattHeliolisk MattAcum 11 luni